Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Net £16m of physical gold ETFs sold on LSE on Tuesday March 6 2012

Total sales - I think - of physical gold ETFs on the London Stock Exchange today were worth £40.6 million while total purchases came to £24.6 million = net sales of £16 million.

(Correction) £8 million PHAU gold ETF sale at 9.44 am

It may not compare to the 31 tonnes of gold futures sold on 29 February after Ben Bernanke's speech -  but this morning someone sold an £8m lump of PHAU shares on the London Stock Exchange.

I bought gold before it dropped below $1,690

On Monday morning I bought 10 gold shares -  the ETF Securities Physical Gold exchange traded fund shares with the London Stock Exchange symbol of PHAU. (LSE shows there were two £8m PHAU sales today at around 9.44am)