Thursday, 10 May 2012

BlackRock Gold and General: -10% in a week -40% from 2011 peak

The performance of my BlackRock Gold and General fund holdings has been dire.  It is down around 10% this week and nearly 40% since it's peaks in September 2011.

The 25% drop over the last year appears almost reasonable next to these two figures!

Over the year:

Why does Fresnillo price jump at the end of trading?

The share price of silver miner Fresnillo can leap more than 3% at the end of the day as it did on 8 May 2012 and 4 May 2012. I think it happens quite often - although it didn't happen today.

On 4 May it jumped from 1500p to 1546p or 3%.

On 8 May it jumped from 1396 to 1449 or 3.7%.